Avvy's Adventure on the Edge of the Empire

The Escape!

Monsters among us

From the desk of Captain E.M. Greyviper, Ret.

Mission 6.something:
Captain Greyviper again. I’m back aboard the ship and things have taken a turn for the worst. It turns out the station was abandoned because it had been overrun by terrible creatures called rakghouls. Fortunately, I remembered hearing about them lurking in the underworld during my time at the Academy on Coruscant.

Most dangerously, they are not natural creatures, but are the product of a highly transformative parasitic infection. There was either an escape of experimental creatures, or a failure of containment and accidental infection. Either way, the result is the same. Containment was breached and the staff was nearly all killed or converted.

Before this grisly discovery, I had prudently gone topside to seek out the base commander’s offices. I found the lifeless bodies of the commander and his adjutant, desiccated by the climate control systems. As I was working on retrieving information from his computer system, the rest of the crew inadvertently disabled the power and the door locks. Whatever had locked down the creatures in the lower levels had failed.

The crew noticed indications of something moving down there and decided to make haste to reactivate and overload the reactors to destroy the “bioweapon” we had come for…despite the fact that I had explained (for the Captain and, by extension,, the Rebel’s benefit) that the droid had already “hacked” the system to set up a self destruct. Whether that was true or not was quickly rendered irrelevant as they managed to reactivate the generator and draw the attention if a pack of the aforementioned rakghouls. They defeated the creatures after sustaining infection-risking injuries and set the reactor into an overload sequence.

As soon as I became aware of this state of affairs, I made haste for the ship with the slicer droid in tow. We blasted off as soon as we were aboard and opened radio communications with our doomed comrades. They are pleading for us to let them on, but I cannot risk it. They may attempt to reenter the complex, disable the self-destruct and allow Saffron to work on a cure, but who knows if that works.

I may just kick some supplies overboard and make for Nar Shaddaa. Once I drop off 88 and return this ship to the rebels, I’ll collect our pay and our ship and return to see if anyone has survived.

I’m wracked by indecision and Beller is silent on the issue.

88 grows impatient. I can sense it. I need a drink.



Valthrain l_stram

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