Avvy's Adventure on the Edge of the Empire


And betrayal!

From the desk of Captain E.M. Greyviper, Ret.

Mission 6.something:

Bloody hell…
I’ll try this again later.

PAUSE AUDIO LOG [Timestamp: Imperial Calendar 115.5.22]
UNPAUSE AUDIO LOG [Timestamp: Imperial Calendar 117.5.22]

Finally, the rodian sleeps, if you can call it that. He thrashes like a condemned man and weeps and howls when awake. It is truly a miserable sight to behold and he has been at it for days.

On to the important things. Fortunately, Ensign Beller was able to bring me my recording device and fetch my cap from the floor of the cockpit. Status Report. I am currently sitting manacled in the hold of the freebooter’s ship, alongside the rackghoul-infected rodian. He is midway through a “cure” formulated by Saffron. I can only assume it will fail and we will all be killed as my already-most-formidable crewman is converted into a mindless beast of praeternatural strength, whereupon he will rend his bonds and rampage through the ship delivering harm unto man and droid alike.

But I get ahead of myself.

As Captain, I made the decision to stay on world, rather than leaving my crew to their fates in the rackghoul warrens of the former Imperial facility. Unfortunately, 88’s patience had run out and we began to accrue an hourly rate of 5,000 credits per hour for our delays. After retrieving some laboratory equipment and information, the crew made it back to the ship…and that is where things went wrong.

Obviously it would not do to have potentially infected crew mingling and potentially dooming everyone with further risk of infection and the dangers of a sudden change. I secured myself in the cabin, with sufficient supplies to see us back to Nar Shadaa, regardless of circumstance. Unfortunately my crew, consisting of aliens and women, lack the rationality possessed by the droid and myself. Desperate, maddened by their predicament, and potentially mentally deranged by infection, they breached and assaulted the cockpit. My attempts to repel them via the nonlethal weapons at my disposal were unsuccessful.

And that is why I lie here in the hold, covered in blaster burns…THEY FIRED AT ME AT FULL POWER! EVEN I HAD THE DECENCY TO ATTEMPT TO STUN OUT THE MUTINOUS, FEAR-ADDLED CUR!

So, yes. Here I am. The only reason we are alive is that it seems only one of the crew was infected. Were Saffron infected as well, she would not have been able to complete the serum and both she and the rodian would have turned, most likely overpowering and killing the majority of our organic crew.

I can potentially forgive the freebooter’s betrayal. Despite it being a transparently suicidal act, firing upon me in the cockpit and breaching quarantine, it is at least his ship. My crew, however…what they engaged in was nothing more than mutiny.



Valthrain l_stram

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