Avvy's Adventure on the Edge of the Empire

Defeat in Victory

From the desk of Captain E.M. Greyviper, Ret.

Return To Nar Shadaa:

We have arrived back upon the fetid cesspool of a world that is Nar Shadaa. The rebel agent greeted us and informed us that he had done upgrades to our ship. We provided them with some of the overview data I had collected from the data I had retrieved from the installation’s deceased commandant, and we also provided them with 2 of the 3 vials of rakghoul infection that Saffron had collected during our egress.

It is unfortunate that the rebels were unable to pay us any cash, as the delays for Saffron and company to retrieve the necessary materials for their rakghoul serum left us owing a debt to the assassin droid, IG-88. Upon arriving on world, 88 delivered an ultimatum and we have a painfully short period of time to accumulate the thousands of credits to pay. Lacking resources, we have decided to sell the detailed biological information and possibly the samples. Lacking a great deal of options, we attempted to reach out to the Black Sun syndicate, as they should have the ready cash to make a trade for it. Saffron and I met with some initial resistance when attempting to sell the information, but they said they would contact us should they be interested. We attempted to impress upon them the time sensitive nature of the situation and have returned to the ship to wait.

PAUSE AUDIO LOG [Timestamp: Imperial Calendar 128.5.22:1030]
UNPAUSE AUDIO LOG [Timestamp: Imperial Calendar 128.5.22:1825]

As it turns out, attempting to deal with the Black Sun was a horrible idea. They attempted to take the information by force. We managed to run them off, primarily thanks to my intimidating demeanor, although the Verpine’s steady aim and the Rodian’s bestial combat ability definitely helped. Although well trained, two of the attackers were driven off when I impressed upon them the hopelesseness of the fight. The third detonated his grenades in a suicide attack as it became clear to him that Danhanka was about to eviscerate him.

The ship is a shambles, the gangplank was blasted open and needs repair, Danhanka is yet again on the brink of death, and we are no closer to having any sort of financial recompense to alleviate our desperate situation. With our options extremely limited, I know a way I might be able to raise the money. Were the situation any less dire, I would not take such drastic action, but I obviously cannot rely on the aliens or the one conscious Tam sister to resolve the situation.


Let’s get this over with.

PAUSE AUDIO LOG [Timestamp: Imperial Calendar 128.5.22:1828]
UNPAUSE AUDIO LOG [Timestamp: Imperial Calendar 128.5.22:1917]

What fresh hell is this? I have sold my chair…my beloved, custom-crafted Captain’s chair…along with my last bottle of Limited Gold Label and, to make matters even worse, it took my bloody my boots and my hat to seal the deal. My ONLY pair of boots.

The deck plating is still spattered with blood and gore from the Danhanka or the Black Sun attackers, so OF COURSE it’s all over my bare feet.

Everything is gone. Maybe it would’ve been better if we had been turned into rakghouls. I swear by Palpatine’s prostate, we’re getting the hell off this heap and shipping freight. I, for one, am done dealing with crime syndicates of any stripe. The Empire won’t take us, the Rebels wouldn’t pay us in a time of need. If Zann comes looking for us, he can take a flying leap out an airlock before I’ll get tied up with his business again.

Time to get the hell off this rock and set a course for Corellia. I suppose I’ll drop Beller off somewhere along the way. With Admiral Piama most likely dead, perhaps he still has a way to wheedle himself back into the Emperor’s Service..

I suspect Danhanka will be in for this, as I’ve seen the way he has been looking at a bottle of Old Wookie’s since I’ve returned to the ship. I’m less sure about the Verpine. If he wants the ship, he’ll have to take it from me. Part of me, a large part, hopes he’ll kill me with that fancy gun of his.



Valthrain l_stram

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