Vesh'shek'tiaksho'niaviat (Veshek)

Verpine Technician/Assassin






Vesh’shek was a failure as a Verpine. His family ridiculed him and was ashamed at his failings as an engineer and mechanic, the family business. Finally, he could no longer handle it, so he stole the family shuttle and flew off planet, vowing to travel the universe, expanding his skills and experience as a mechanic and engineer. Along the way, he had to find ways to protect himself, so he became quite skilled with rifle, shooting at or around people he was in debted to, or those he had stole materials from.

One day he encountered a garrison of stormtroopers and their sergeant on an outpost near Mandalor. They were in need of a suped up speeder; and they needed someone to mod one out with boosted speed and plenty of fire-power. Vesh’shek gladly took the job. He did what he felt was his best work to date on the speeder. He hoped this would lead to a long and promising career working with the empire, where he could learn from their greatest engineers and designers someday.

The sergeant jumped in the speeder to test it out, pushed the starter, and the entire vehicle exploded in a firey inferno of death. The surrounding stormtroopers immediately took Vesh’shek into custody, thinking he had deliberately sabotaged the vehicle to assassinate the sergeant. They put him in a holding cell on Mandalor, and this is where the adventuring party finds him.

Vesh'shek'tiaksho'niaviat (Veshek)

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