Avvy's Adventure on the Edge of the Empire

It Begins!
Wherein we bamboozle Imperials and slaughter Rebels

For their own particular reasons, Cpt. Grayviper, the Tam sisters and a wookie bounty hunter had come into the employ of Zorbo the Hutt as a way to pay off their various debts to him.

Mission #1.1:
The group was assigned to retrieve some Imperial-issue surveillance gear. The surveillance gear was held on an Imperial space station and the group managed to retrieve it by impersonating Imperial officers on a supply run.

Mission #1.2:
The newly acquired surveillance gear was delivered to another planet to trade it for smuggled weaponry. As it happened, the trading party was overtaken by an arm of the Rebellion. They attempted to take the equipment by force and keep the guns. A pitched battle ensued, with the Imperials arriving at the last minute, intent on arresting everyone involved. The group managed to kill the surviving merchant and then Captain Greyviper spun a tale of rebel deceit, that those were his guns and he had brought them to trade, but when he discovered the surveillance goods were stolen property, he opened fire like a good Imperial citizen. With the storm troopers mollified, Grevyiper and his crew took “their” shipment back and left the troopers to clean up a mountain of rebel bodies.

Mission #1.3:
With a pile of weapons in hand, the group returned to Tatooine and was swiftly tasked with drumming up business on the planet for them. To do so, the group stoked the ire of the local sand people and drummed up fear in the local populace. All of this was done, surprisingly, without following through with Greyviper’s plan of kidnapping a few children, then saying the sand people did it.

With parsecs to spare
To Kessel!
From the desk of Captain E.M. Greyviper, Ret.

Mission 2.1:
Zorbo the Hutt provided instructions for his next mission, a trip to Kessel.

Primary Objective: Retrieve a shipment of glitterstim that had never been delivered.
Secondary objectives: Discover what happened to the original smuggler and his ship, as well as what happened to the first agent sent to investigate the disappearance.

Utilizing bribery, my extensive familiarity with Imperial naval etiquette, and Saffron’s seductive skills we managed to secure landing and soon acquire some computer files from Kessel’s systems. Vera Tam was able to decode and discover the location of the missing ship, however it was on the other side of Kessel. Dressed in my finest uniform and armed with a bottle of , my natural leadership qualities were more than enough to meet with our gracious Imperial hosts to secure a hovercar and passage through the mines.

Mission 2.2:
Situated within Kessel, Along the way, we stopped to investigate the mining operation. Wookies abounded, utilizing their strong arms and backs for something more productive than climbing trees. Following up on a lead to investigate the location of Zorbo’s people, we made our way into the mines. Before entering the mines proper, we made a brief side excursion to a supply depot, wherein Vera hastily murdered the clerk in her typical reckless fashion. With the clerk’s body stuffed in a locker, we equipped ourselves and Vera first met her first love, Charisma the flame thrower. We marched into the mines, confident in our abilities. We almost immediately found ourselves embroiled in a particularly harrowing encounter with the local vermin, oversized arachnids, where my companions were nearly killed. I was able to strategically relocate in an effort to continue the mission. Fortunately, they survived, we reunited and pressed on.

Sure enough, smack in the middle of the mine tunnels, we found a small rebel outpost. After they attacked us mercilessly when we attempted to parley with them, they found our vengeance swift and terrible.

MIssion 2.3:
With some additional information collected from the rebel computers, we made our way to the glitterstim refinery, where we discovered that the refinery was grossly behind schedule, due to a mix of sabotage and incompetence. Utilizing my organizational prowess, I took command of the refinery and got things running on schedule while the rest of the group secured Zorbo’s ship.

After a few weeks, we had a hold packed with glitterstim and were ready to leave. I managed to convince the refinery’s overseer to join me for a drink in Zorbo’s ship, whereupon we seized him. We left Kessel and returned to Zorbo, delivering the glitterstim, the ship and the refinery overseer “responsible” for the delays in his shipment.

Family Ties
Life and Death on Nar Shaddaa

From the desk of Captain E.M. Greyviper, Ret.

Mission 3.1:
Zorbo was quite pleased with the return of his glitterstim, but he had grim and pressing business. One of his relatives on Nar Shaddaa had been killed and he wanted us to investigate. As unpleasant as that sounded, we were quite happy for an excuse to make haste from Tatooine, the sandy crotch of the galaxy.

Upon arriving on the swamp moon of Nal Hutta, we quickly discovered that witnesses and leads would not be forthcoming. A Mandalorian mercenary had reportedly been silencing anyone attempting to follow up on the assassination. It was not long before we began to find ourselves under attack from this shadowy figure. After the second time she shot my cap from my head and failed to kill Ensign Beller despite my cunning ploy to use him as bait, I correctly surmised that she was operating by a particular code and was not going to kill us.

We pressed on and soon discovered, from the information about Jogo the Hutt’s affairs as well as the activities of his competitors following his death, that nobody had gained any sort of decisive advantage from his extermination. With this, we tentatively ruled out any competing Hutts or the Black Sun criminal syndicate as parties responsible. I managed to contact Imperial intelligence sources and, despite not being much help generally, they were able to confirm for me that they were not responsible.


Grey Viper was arrested by the empire. We try to locate false documents for imperial intelligence. Heavily (something) protocol droid can make the documents for us to pretend we are there to pick up Grey Viper for prisoner transfer.


Found a ship to salvage. Can only get it if we go to Toola and deliver supplies and credits to a small village where K’Rokh is from. Once we return with a talisman proving we dropped off the supplies, he will give us the old ship for parts to use to repair our ship.

In order to get the talisman though, we will have to prove ourselves to the village first, by giving them an impressive game that we killed. We found two Hssiss Dragons to kill, barely survived, but killed them and brought them the head of one. Mynock Man made one into jerky though. It’s delicious.

We used a local monkey-like creature to lure them out. We saved him, although we also blew one of his legs off, and brought him to the ship. He subsists off of alcohol. We called him Hoot after the weird “Hoo” noise he makes.


We make the trade with the local Whiphids on Toola and then head back to give the talisman to K’Rokh. He gives us an old YT-1300 which we gut and use the parts to upgrade our own ship, the Invincible III/Cheesewagon.


IG-88 Wishes to use us to get to a secret imperial facility so he can obtain a certain item. We decide to cause a rebel attack on the base to cause a big enough distraction to be able to get IG-88 in.


We staged an assassination attempt on Greyviper, earning him some street cred with the Rebels. Now they think he is a disillusioned former imperial officer who has a hit on him by the empire. Someone likely to work for the Rebels. Greyviper gets contacted by a Bothan who meets him in a hangar. Greyviper makes a deal with him to give him a list of imperial locations, routes, etc… for 1000 credits. Then he promises a second list for more money later, after they check out the first list. We tell IG-88 that we will have to wait a while for the Rebels to check out the first list and he says, “Timeline Unacceptable” and that the item he needs may be gone from the secret base by then. Greyviper in turn tells the Bothan rebel contact that he just received some “new information” that there is a secret base where a chemical weapon is being created, that it will be done soon. This, we hope, will make the rebels attack that base sooner rather than later, so IG-88 doesn’t just annihilate us.

5 EXP Awarded

Quotes of the session:

“I gave her ALL twelve parsecs”

“Screwed your mom’s force ghost”

We Wait
Like a steel trap in a spider's web...checkmate
From the desk of Captain E.M. Greyviper, Ret.

Mission 6.something:
Those rebels have fallen for my masterfully executed ruse. It seems to me that perhaps I have chosen poorly in deciding to go into the Imperial Naval Academy. What I spy I could’ve been!

I can only imagine I never would have ended indebted to that gruesome slug and alone in the universe with no one but adjutant Beller to accompany me, but there is no sense in dwelling on my past. As my High Galactic teacher always said, non potest pugnare fata.

I’ve given these rebels pure gold! Big chunks of juicy Imperial intelligence. Even having deliberately given them the older of the data I have collected, they should be falling all over themselves to help me…and what do I get? A pittance. 1,500 credits? Bah. It’s not even enough to hire a repair crew to appraise the defective air scrubbers of the INVINCIBLE III. I’ve tossed it into the group account. Maybe we’ll buy more experimental combat drugs with it and stick one of the greenies with it.

At least the Rebels took the bait on the “bioweapons” at The Droid’s Imperial outpost. If they hadn’t gone for that, I can only imagine Beller and I would’ve been forced into the clutches of Imperial justice to evade that marauding metal monster’s wrath. Of course, even this has backfired. Rather than serving as adviser to a Rebel vanguard, it seems I’ll be leading a Rebel assault on the blasted base. Moreover, The Droid seems to have decided to assist us by gracing our presence with a slicing specialty droid, presumably so he has more opportunity to spy on us.


…what a mess. We’re all going to die trying to get out of this alive. I need a drink.

Greyviper out.


Breach and Clear!
I've got a bad feeling about this...
From the desk of Captain E.M. Greyviper, Ret.

Mission 6.something:
The rebels came through with their pilot, a roguish, self-styled “Captain” with a small patrol craft optimized for speed and evasion. Were it only a few years ago, I would be blasting his like into dust to keep the space lanes clear.

To keep that terrible droid, IG-88, secret from the rebels for, at least a little while, we tossed him into a crate as some “equipment” we would be making use of. The Rebels and the Captain didn’t ask any questions, which was probably for the best for everyone’s health.

Once we entered the system, there was a noticeable lack of a Naval fleet presence. Even so, the Captain took no precautions. He brought us in a few kilometers from the base on the surface. We dressed for infiltration, the Captain, myself and Danhanka as stormtroopers and Saffron as Imperial Intelligence. The Verpine and the droid simply played out their proper roles as slave and equipment respectively. Traversing the jungle, we soon found ourselves at the base of a highly-advanced, well-concealed shield. We were able to uncover one of its anchoring emitters and the droid did its duty, shorting itself out against the emitter’s capacitors to clear us a path.

On the outpost’s campus, there was a distinct lack of ground crew, only a handful of AT-PTs patrolling the grounds. At my instruction, we walked with dutiful purpose and made our way to the landing platform and its accompanying lift. In the interior, the non-appearance of base staff of any kind has become rather disturbing. We have released 88 from his confinement and the Captain seems quite unperturbed by his appearance. He actually seems to like the monster. Dreadful. Regardless, we now have a goal set before us. 88 has scanned the interior, found no life forms and managed to calculate a path to the central security room. We will be heading that way shortly…


BEGIN AUDIO LOG: Captain’s Log, Supplemental
BLOODY HELL! That slicing droid that 88 saddled us with has utterly screwed the womprat. Security…activated. If you find this among the scattered belongings of my dessicated and mangled corpse, know this: Never trust a droid to do a man’s job.

Wookie mercenary, whereever you are, I apologize for everything I said. I should’ve saved all those insults for every last droid in this wretched galaxy.


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