Old Wookiee's Finest

Seriously, it's the best he could do.


Class: “Premium” “Whiskey”

Attributes: Gets ya drunk! Averaging 100-130 proof, every bottle is a little different, but all are equally terrible.

Skills: Drowns your bad memories with equally bad, but more familiar, memories.


No one knows where it comes from, excepting that it is not actually a product of Kashyyyk. Old Wookiee’s finest is the last, most-desperate choice for suicidal alcoholics and irredeemable drunkards across the galaxy. It is generally not “sold” so much as “pawned off on someone else.”

Notably, it is the drink of “choice” in the group. Captain Greyviper cannot be found without a flask on his person at all times. The storeroom on the Cheesewagon always has several casks available, though no one on board appears to procure them.

Old Wookiee's Finest

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