Lyra Finn

Not Quite the Most Feared Mandalorian Bounty Hunter


A humorless Mandalorian from an extensive line of respected warriors. Both dependable and honorable to a fault, she has nevertheless taken up the bounty hunter’s mantle in accordance with the Mandalorian Supercommando Codex. Although she may have preferred more honorable work, bounty hunting is one of few professions in which Mandalorian warriors can find wealth in the Empire.

Born the year of the Empire’s ascension to power, Lyra has spent her entire life despising the Empire’s subjugation of her planet and their ancient culture. Her clan rejecting the so-called “New Mandalorian” philosophy, and seeing the Mandalorian government’s concessions to the Empire as a sign of weakness.

Expected to become a great warrior before she could walk, Lyra has spent her entire life training in every conceivable method of fighting. A master of the Teräs Käsi martial arts, effective vibroblade duelist, and celebrated marksman, Finn is also an ace pilot, both in space, and with a jetpack, as well as a master of stealth. Finn long ago chose the Verpine Shatterpistol as her weapon of choice, however, her traditional Beskar’gam armor also mounts a flamethrower, wrist rocket launcher, a snare launcher, and an assortment of grenades.

Finn joined the Bounty Hunter’s Guild at 14, the traditional age of adulthood in Mandalorian society. Since then, she has obtained a great deal of respect and wealth in equal measure. Regardless, living in the shadow of Boba Fett, the most famous Mandalorian as well as the most famed Bounty Hunter in the Galaxy has long been a sore spot for Finn. Several months after the destruction of the Empire’s Death Star battlestation, Finn was hired by the Black Sun to prevent information from spreading about a string of murders of members of the Hutt crime syndicates. The Black Sun was hoping this would keep the Hutts unprepared and that more of them would be murdered, and the Black Sun could move in on their operations. In the course of this assignment, Finn learned that Tyber Zann, who had recently escaped from Kessel, was responsible for the deaths. It was at this time the crew of the Cheesewagon (before they were known as such) encountered Finn on Nar Shadaa.

Shortly after, Finn’s contract with the Black Sun ran out, and she was contacted by Zann, who had learned from the crew of the Cheesewagon about her involvement. Zann provided a tempting offer to Finn to assist his forces in the liberation of Mandalore. Finn signed on immediately, eager to prove herself a greater Mandalorian than Fett. Such was her eagerness, she never questioned what interest Zann had in the planet.

Temporarily teaming up with the Cheesewagon crew, Finn led the assault on the Imperial Garrison at the City of Bone on Mandalore. The raid was successful, though Finn sustained serious injuries after a Force Lightning blast from Imperial Inquisitor Namman Cha caused her jetpack to malfunction and explode. For their assistance in the raid, Finn gifted the crew an ancient Mandalorian coin which could be redeemed for a single favor. She is currently very eager to get out from under this debt.

Lyra Finn

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