Cpt Edmund Merriweather Greyviper, Ret.

Ex-Imperial Fleet Officer


Colonist: Politico
Hired Gun: Mercenary Soldier

Brawn 2
Agility 2
Cunning 3
Intellect 3
Presence 3
Willpower 3


Greyviper broadly subscribes to the Empire’s New Order philosophies although he has little interest or stomach for any but the most petty and banal forms of oppression. Although he has acted as a smuggler and a conman, one of his few “heroic” attributes is his rather scrupulous honesty toward his compatriots.

He is entirely defined by his status as Captain, which is often affirmed by little else beyond his accompaniment by his dogsbody, Ensign Beller.

Greyviper served as captain of the Victory class Star Destroyer, Invincible II, until its destruction at the hands of a rebel attack while on patrol in the Outer Rim. During that time he used his position to smuggle goods on behalf of a Hutt syndicate. The Last Stand of the Invincible II led to the total destruction of the ship and its illicit cargo. Captain Greyviper and his adjutant, Ensign Beller, were the only Imperial survivors.

At his court martial, he narrowly avoided conviction, owing largely to the many rebel ships destroyed, but he was removed from active duty and places on an unpaid leave of absence. At that point he was forced to liquidate his belongings to play his now-crippling debts to the Hutts. The last 2 million credits were beyond his means and he sank into servitude for Zorbo the Hutt.

Cpt Edmund Merriweather Greyviper, Ret.

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