He's the God Damned Mynok-Man!


Once upon a time, Danhanka was a simple galactic wilderness guide and big game hunter.

Danhanka got greedy. After YET ANOTHER group of rich, pointless “adventure-seekers”, this time led by a man named Janar, wanted to try to kill a Krayt dragon. As a backup plan, he stuffed Janar’s backpack full of explosives, and maybe didn’t quite warn the group enough of the eminent danger that they faced. Once the dragon had handily killed and eaten the group, Danhanka allowed the group leader his last wish, and set off the backpack, killing the beast. To maintain his reputation as a wilderness guide Danhanka told a stories of Janar’s glorious last stand against the monster, and of his insistence that the humble guide stay away.

This plan worked out for a while, and selling the Krayt’s egg paid for several months off, with plenty left over for bribes to make any record of Janar’s party disappear. Unbeknownst to Danhanka, Janar was an indentured servant to a Hutt. This meant that anything that belonged to Janar, belonged to Zorbo, and that included any trophies from the hunt. The money from selling the egg long spent, and with a somewhat diminished reputation from his months off, Danhanka had no way to pay his debt, other than replacing Janar as a Hutt servant.

It is much to his chagrin that he has the lowest outstanding bounty of the group.


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