Avvy's Adventure on the Edge of the Empire


We staged an assassination attempt on Greyviper, earning him some street cred with the Rebels. Now they think he is a disillusioned former imperial officer who has a hit on him by the empire. Someone likely to work for the Rebels. Greyviper gets contacted by a Bothan who meets him in a hangar. Greyviper makes a deal with him to give him a list of imperial locations, routes, etc… for 1000 credits. Then he promises a second list for more money later, after they check out the first list. We tell IG-88 that we will have to wait a while for the Rebels to check out the first list and he says, “Timeline Unacceptable” and that the item he needs may be gone from the secret base by then. Greyviper in turn tells the Bothan rebel contact that he just received some “new information” that there is a secret base where a chemical weapon is being created, that it will be done soon. This, we hope, will make the rebels attack that base sooner rather than later, so IG-88 doesn’t just annihilate us.

5 EXP Awarded

Quotes of the session:

“I gave her ALL twelve parsecs”

“Screwed your mom’s force ghost”


Valthrain Avvy

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