Avvy's Adventure on the Edge of the Empire


Found a ship to salvage. Can only get it if we go to Toola and deliver supplies and credits to a small village where K’Rokh is from. Once we return with a talisman proving we dropped off the supplies, he will give us the old ship for parts to use to repair our ship.

In order to get the talisman though, we will have to prove ourselves to the village first, by giving them an impressive game that we killed. We found two Hssiss Dragons to kill, barely survived, but killed them and brought them the head of one. Mynock Man made one into jerky though. It’s delicious.

We used a local monkey-like creature to lure them out. We saved him, although we also blew one of his legs off, and brought him to the ship. He subsists off of alcohol. We called him Hoot after the weird “Hoo” noise he makes.


Valthrain Avvy

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